Mattie Zarena WhitfieldMattie Zarena Whitfield

CEO, Kaptivate Media LLC

Every client is treated as an elite VIP at Kaptivate Media LLC. We diligently work to identify the strengths and places for growth in yourbusiness. We utilize that information to build you a brand that will FASCINATE, ALLURE, and DOMINATE your target audience through one of our many services.

As a results driven woman I believe in the Power of “Get it Done” effectively, efficiently, and make our clients feels as if it was effortlessly.


Kaptivate Media creative planning, marketing and branding services build and reinforce your brand identity with nimble, durable, and results­driven messages across a variety of platforms. Targeted to your key audience, customers and market segments. Our public relations and event planning services provide an exhilarated luxurious experience with breakthrough results while reinforcing brand efficacy. From logo updates to complete makeovers and re­boots, Kaptivate Media graphics provide sharp, stunning visuals for stand alone or fully­integrated cross­platform implementation.


Kaptivate Media is dedicated to delivering an impeccable experience for every client. . Our mission is to make sure all of our clients feel that we have over delivered on every deliverable. To acquire more information about how our amazing services can elevate your business to achieve its immediate or long term goals, contact us today.